Creation and development
of charitable foundations

  • Strategy and development plan for charitable foundations
  • Structuring of the international foundation system, taking into account tax regime of different countries
  • Social problem research and report preparation
  • Building partnerships in the sector
  • Documents preparation and registration
  • Branding and PR concept development
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Corporate governance system development
  • Foundation’s professional team building
  • Management of charitable foundations
  • Fundraising strategy development
  • Assistance in fundraising, including private and institutional donors and state grants
  • Organisation of charitable events
  • Regular donor reporting, including annual foundation’s reporting, grants reporting, etc.)

Corporate Social
Responsibility services (CSR)

  • Strategy development for corporate social responsibility project
  • Development of a social project “business plan” 
  • Social problems research and partnerships building
  • Integration of the social project into company’s business in order to ensure maximum synergy and benefit for the business and maximum social impact
  • Structuring and registration
  • Branding and positioning concept development
  • Budgeting and financial planning for CSR project
  • Corporate governance system development
  • CSR project management

ESG services

  • ESG strategy development in order to integrate ESG factors into company’s operations 
  • Assistance and support of companies in developing necessary corporate politics and decisions 
  • Sustainable Development Report preparation
  • Support of companies in ESG rating application
  • Integration of ESG factors into investment strategy (for financial companies)
  • Education and coaching of executives and the staff

Education and coaching

  • Educational seminars on fundraising
  • Strategic executive coaching for ESG business transformation and ESG strategy development